By DBLogic on 03/04/2018

Writing software means writing computer code. Writing computer code means that, at some point, there will be bugs. This is the case with all software and not just the bespoke business systems that we create. Programmers aim to keep bugs to a minimum and fix them as they occur during the development process.

It’s important that developer and client have decided precisely how something will function so that there are as few alterations as possible once programming has started. We work closely with our clients during the planning stage, as it’s crucial to ensure that the software features behave as expected. A feature working in a different way to what was expected isn’t always a bug.

Famously, games company Bethesda once replied to the question “Is that a bug or a feature?” with the answer “yes”. We can promise you that it’s not something we’ll do!

It’s a matter of professional pride to have as few bugs as possible. We are continually updating and improving our testing procedures to keep bugs to a minimum. We can’t promise that there will never be any bugs (we’ve yet to meet a developer that can!) but we can reassure you that we’ll sort it out quickly.