Partnering to deliver the complete IT solution
By DBLogic on 20/04/2018

To achieve their commercial aims companies that use computers require the right level and grade of hardware. They also need some degree of software or database support to ensure their IT solution is a perfect fit for their business.

We’re committed to playing to our strengths and that’s why we choose to work in partnership with hardware providers to make sure that businesses requiring IT support benefit from the complete package.

To formalise our collaboration with equipment suppliers we set up our Partner Scheme. Operating on a sub-contract basis or handling the software development sale on behalf of hardware providers, in return for an appropriate commission, is a win, win, win – for us, for our hardware supplier partners and for the customers of both parties.

Hardware experts

Dealers in equipment are experts in determining what kind of hardware capability will meet an individual firm’s needs – both now and in the future. As such, they are not necessarily the ‘go to’ team when it comes to developing the software that will ensure those PCs, servers, laptops and printers earn their keep by driving improvements in business performance. 

Equally, software developers will not always have detailed hardware knowledge, including an appreciation of the latest manufacturer releases and their benefits, so should not automatically be the first point of contact for firms that are planning to invest in equipment.

Bespoke software solutions

At DBL we specialise in Microsoft software technologies such as SQL Server and .NET.  These can be in-house or cloud-based, as required, and can cover everything from a single user up to fully scalable systems of 1500+ users.

Our expertise lies in software development services and consultancy, not in off the shelf packaged software and certainly not in hardware. So, if our customers are planning to upgrade their equipment we call in our Partner Scheme specialists who know the latest products inside and out.

Mutually beneficial partnerships

In our experience, working in in conjunction with hardware providers on a mutually advantageous collaborative basis offers the best solution for all concerned. But, and it’s a big but, if this way of doing business is to work, and to work well, it’s essential that those partnerships are robust.

It’s often said that people do business with people and the first key step in establishing our Partner Scheme relationships has nothing to do with money or sales, it’s all about trust. We want to collaborate for the long-term so it’s vital that our partners understand us and the way we work – and we know them. The most productive working relationships are those that are truly open and honest.

By their very nature, partnerships with hardware suppliers open up opportunities for business expansion – for both sides. Although our customers know that our speciality is bespoke software development, they will sometimes ask us about hardware services and consultancy.  This is where our partners can make a difference; by supporting our customers and helping to ensure that they make sound asset investments, hardware specialists can take advantage of opportunities to grow their own businesses.

Competitive advantage

Dealers also stand to gain a competitive edge by adding software development expertise to their own business offering. The ability to deliver a complete range of services makes repeat business more likely, while the relationship between hardware provider and end user is further cemented, which is always good for productivity.

Every business is unique. At DBL we acknowledge this by supporting our customers with a solution that has built-in flexibility to meet their current needs and cope with future growth. Partnering with hardware experts is an integral part of our approach to delivering the complete IT package.

Interested in finding out how you could work with us to help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve the IT solution that’s right for them? Talk to us about our Partner Scheme.