Partnering to deliver the complete IT solution By DBLogic on 20/04/2018
To achieve their commercial aims companies that use computers require the right level and grade of hardware. They also need some degree of software or database support to ensure their IT solution is a perfect fit for their business.
Bugs! By DBLogic on 03/04/2018
Writing software means writing computer code. Writing computer code means that, at some point, there will be bugs. This is the case with all software and not just the bespoke business systems that we create. Programmers aim to keep bugs to a minimum and fix them as they occur during the development process.
Ready to call time on spreadsheets? By DBLogic on 15/03/2018
Excel spreadsheets are widely used because they are easy to use. If you need to simplify reporting and keep track of business activities they are a tried and trusted way of doing so.
Bring Your Own Device By DBLogic on 27/02/2018
When you’re planning your tailor made software, it’s worth thinking about how you will manage the challenges of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). What is your policy for employees that want to connect their own devices to your systems?
Off the shelf or tailor made software? By DBLogic on 14/02/2018
There’s a lot of choice when it comes to choosing software for running your business. Most people start off with basic spreadsheets to keep track of things like inventory, finances and wages. As your company grows the need to upgrade your business software grows with it.
Why is clean code so important? By DBLogic on 31/01/2018
As developers we always want to produce our very best work. For us, clean code is a matter of skill and expertise. We write our programs in such a way that the destination operating systems can execute our code efficiently. We know that at some point in the future, another programmer may have to read and comprehend what we've created.
IT investment keeps Prohire on the move By DBLogic on 15/12/2017
We’re delighted to be reinforcing our credentials in the automotive industry after winning an important new contract with one of the UK’s fastest growing Commercial Vehicle Contract Hire companies, Prohire Plc.
Textiles firm and charity team up to help the homeless By DBLogic on 14/12/2017
An industrial dry cleaning company is reducing its carbon footprint and a homeless charity has seen its clothing bank initiative go from strength to strength after joining forces with the help of a local businessman.
Working together to help the homeless By DBLogic on 06/12/2017
In this, the season of goodwill, we’re delighted to tell you how, thanks to a chance conversation, MD Dave Barrett helped SCI Textiles to link up with homeless charity House of Bread Stafford for mutual benefit.